The Interview that started it all

What is Let’s Go Brandon?

We’ve turned the movement that is sweeping the nation into a crypto.

LET’S GO BRANDON is now on the blockchain. FOREVER!

It all started at the end of a televised Nascar stock car race in Talladega, Alabama, on 2 October. NBC reporter Kelli Stavast was interviewing the winner, driver Brandon Brown, when members of the crowd in the grandstand behind them began chanting an obscenity directed at the president.

Whether by mistake or as an intentional attempt to deflect from the swearing on live television, Ms Stavast told Mr Brown that the crowd was cheering him on with chants of “Let’s go, Brandon”.

The power of LET’S GO BRANDON

What is LGB’s Utility?

Absolutely none!

Let’s Go Brandon Token is meant to be as useful as the person who it is built after. Which means it is basically, useless. Thanks to inflation, one of the reasons we are sure LGB is even a catchphrase, we need to create our own currency. Good news is, because of the spineless houseplant that shows up on a fake set to yell at you to take a poke, or to “C’mon man” we have now decided that we are going to hype up our own non-inflated currency so, Let’s Go Brandon! Tell your friends, spam it, shill it and have a good ol’ roasting of the ridiculous man sitting in a rocking chair, under a blanket, in his basement. Our only dream is that one day, Let’s Go Brandon token will be worth more than the US Dollar. Let’s make history, Lets Go Brandon!

Global Community

The LET’S GO BRANDON Community

LET’S GO BRANDON has grown beyond sweeping the nation. It has become a worldwide phenomenon! LET’S GO BRANDON quickly became a trend on Twitter, a host of hilarious memes, a Number one iTunes song, and now we will sweep the crypto community across the globe.

Let’s ride this jetpack to the moon!


Token Sale



Going right for the Moon
Public SALE
October 28 2021


Price $0.0000049 Pancakeswap
Join The
  • Token Symbol LGB
  • NetWork Binance SmartChain
  • FairLaunch PancakeSwap
  • Tokens for sale 500,000,000
  • Token Start Price 0.0000049 USD
  • Specifications LGB token
  • Max circulating supply 1,000,000,000
  • Burned at Launch 400,000,000

Token Allocation

50% PancakeSwap
40% Burned atlaunch
10% Operation & Initial Marketing

Road Map

October 2021
Generate Genius Concept
The Next Day
Create LGB Token
Shortly After
Create Kick Ass Website
Late October
Pre-Sale on DXSALE
48 Hours Later
Launch on PancakeSwap
Shortly after launch
Watch LGB Jetpack to the Moon
Early November
Launch LGB Merch
Early November
Launch LGB NFT's
LGB Pass USD Value
End Bidenflation